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390th Bomb Group, 571st squadron, Crew 74

Top Row (L-R):  Bill Riley, Pilot - New York
Lt. Robert Fowler, Co-Pilot - Hamlin, TX
Lt. Ed Kodis, Navigator - California
Robert "Red" Mulloy, Bombadier - Oregon

Bottom Row (L-R)
Frank Marianni, Tail Gunner - New York
Walter Fura, Waist Gunner
Ray Brooks (18 yr old), Top Sgt. Top Turret Gunner - Washington
Ed Carboneau, Waist Gunner
Bob Hansen, Radio Operator
Roy Sell, Ball Turret Gunner
Mascot "Ground Loop"

B17-G, Serial no. 237763

Shot down December 20, 1943 on bombing mission to Bremen, Germany.

Kodis KIA, the rest were all POW.

Thanks to the 390th BG museum for the mission and plane specs!

Squadron group picture on a B25, probably made at Framlingham, England, 1943.